Brain injury is more common than breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury combined. However, public awareness about brain injury is still low and those who are impacted by it continue to lack appropriate support.

As a BrainLove volunteer, you can play a vital role in improving the lives of brain injury survivors and their families as well as educating the public about what they can do to prevent ABI.

Volunteering for us can benefit you as well! It’s a great way to meet new people – we have volunteers of all ages, interests and backgrounds all across the country – and learn new skills. And, if that’s not enough, studies have shown that volunteering is good for both your physical and mental health!



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The Mitch LaRock band playing at a BrainLove event in Kindersley, SK

Fundraise – We host a variety of events throughout the year to raise money for brain injury prevention and support programs. The success of these events is largely thanks to the dedicated volunteers who organize and manage them. From sports tournaments to silent auctions, you can get involved in any aspect of the preparation or coordination of the events.

Raise Awareness – Another crucial role our volunteers take on is distributing awareness materials, which can take many forms. You might drop off a few brochures at a clinic, work at one of our booths at community events or even ride on a float in a community parade!

Put your unique skill set to use – The BrainLove campaign is always looking for new ideas and ways to improve so there is a lot of scope for what you can do as a volunteer. If you think that your skills, knowledge or experience could help us, get in touch!


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