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The BrainLove campaign is a unique partnership between Royal Purple associations and Brain Injury associations in Canada. Since 2014, we have been dedicated to raising funds and awareness to prevent brain injuries as well as advocate for better support for those living with brain injury.


“I still remember the first day a Royal Purple member called me. I never imagined the call would evolve into this marvellous program we are now participating in.”

– Glenda James, Executive Director of SBIA

With more than 1.5 million people in Canada living with brain injuries, it’s no surprise that the campaign was born out of shared experiences of loved ones living with brain injury. Members of the Saskatchewan Royal Purple Association (SRPA) reached out to the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association (SBIA) for support and, realising how under-resourced SBIA was, offered their expertise in ‘purpling’: fundraising and volunteering in the community. 

Since its inception, the campaign has grown significantly, engaging Royal Purple lodges and brain injury associations across Canada and expanding the impact of the campaign at a national level. 

Since 2016, the Canadian Royal Purple Society has also sponsored the Brain Injury Awareness Month poster, which has been distributed by its members across the country.


Sandi Lougheed of SRPA posing with Glenda James at the launch of the 2019 campaign in Prince Albert, SK

BrainLove volunteers out in the community. Photos courtesy of SRPA.


“This project exemplifies the power of purple and I couldn’t be prouder.”

– Sandi Lougheed, Chairman of the Charity Partnership at SRPA

Each year in March, Royal Purple lodges gather to launch the BrainLove campaign by making donations and pledges to support brain injury prevention and education programs for the year.

Throughout the year, volunteers are hard at work fundraising in order to fulfil their pledges whether that be by hosting fundraising events or encouraging donations to brain injury associations.

Volunteers also spend a significant amount of time raising awareness about brain injury and promoting prevention by distributing brain injury awareness posters and information brochures in local communities as well as organizing educational programs and events. The main message that they emphasize is that prevention is the only cure for brain injury.



To work closely with our communities to prevent brain injuries and improve the lives of brain injury survivors and their families.



Brain injuries are reduced and there exists a continuum of support informed by those with lived experience that encompasses all those affected by brain injury.



We believe in: The dignity and self worth of the individual with an acquired brain injury; their contribution and that of family members is valued. Sharing the lived experience; survivors and their families educating others about living with an acquired brain injury. Promoting connections for support, education and understanding. The value of group and individual support for individuals and families coping with effects of a brain injury; support and respite for families. Partnerships with other community organizations/governments to create and enhance services and programs for people with acquired brain injury. Asset based approaches.


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